OG’s Speculative Fiction (opinion guy; acceptance)

I just had an acceptance this evening to OG’s Speculative Fiction.,  a.k.a. The Opinion Guy! They’re a paying print-online publication, and award-winning writer Seth Crossman is the editor.  Over the years they’ve featured such authors as: Lou Antonelli, Kristine Ong Muslim, Jason Earl, Karen Romanko, Brian Dolton, and Angeline Hawkes…


OG’s Speculative Fiction:


For sample back issues, these are what they look like.  I have no idea yet what issue I got into.  It could be late this year or sometime next.  But each print issue is between 24 and 30 pages long.  And anywhere between 4 and 5 authors or poets per issue.  Two authors most of the time.  Must be hard to break into this market.

sample-issue.jpg  sampleissue6.jpg

That link again: www.theopinionguy.com

Other New Entries: “Bibliography, Magazine Credits”