Pablo Lennis, October 2007… (appearances)

I’ve got a new story this month in the October 2007 issue of Pablo Lennis.  Editor-in-chief John Thiel runs one of the oldest stapled-up science fiction & fantasy fanzines out there. He’s been putting it out since the 1980’s.  Pablo Lennis was also the first place to ever publish me, with a SF tale back in spring 1996, called: “The Empty Planet.”


Lineup of scifi & fantasy writers, SF poets, and serialists include the usual suspects: Joanne Tolson, Albert Manachino, Chester Cuthbert, Joe Napolitano, Gary Every, Mel Waldeman, Steve Sneyd, Lawrence Dagstine, and more! Published monthly, John Thiel, alongside Elmwood Kraemer, also write the zine’s science fiction television, movie, and book reviews.

They accept SF, Fantasy and Poetry via SNAIL MAIL.  Payment is one contributor copy and some decent small press exposure (circulation 100 to 150).  Sample copies are only two dollars.   Submission address below:

Pablo Lennis

30 N. 19th Street

Lafayette, Indiana 47904


You can also find me in their March 2007 issue.  😉

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