Kinships #7 (Now Available; Final Issue)

I’m currently in the latest and final issue of Kinships Magazine.  Issue #7.  I headline the last issue with a much older religious SF story, called: “Men are from Ganymede, Women are from Callisto.” This is actually my THIRD credit with the story. It originally appeared in Silverthought ( first, then Nova SF #18 not too long after.  So I now retire it within the pages of this cute little small press paying publication.



I know, the magazine cover’s a little slanted.  Anyway, this issue also features fiction and poetry by Jason Gaskell, Kristine Ong Muslim, Aurelio Rico Lopez, Lee Clark Zumpe, and many others.  Hmm… I see they misspelled my name on their index homepage… 😦

Purpleverse #1 and #2 (Now Available!)

Darren Randle puts together this fabulous cutting edge horror fiction and dark poetry and art magazine, available now, called Purpleverse.  P.S. Gifford, Faye Sizemore, Alexis Child, Barry J. House, Georgepat, and many others from both here, in the States, and also in the UK. Purpleverse #1 and #2.  Issue #2, with the cool-looking killer clown cover, was just released a few weeks ago.  It features my story: “A Mountain of Sacrificial Souls.”


Check out Purpleverse and their other publications and horror forums here:


Horror Carousel #6 (acceptance)

I just had a story accepted here, a horror print magazine called Horror Carousel.  I’ll be in Issue #6 sometime in the Fall.  Horror Carousel has featured such authors as Susan M. Sailors, Tim Curran, Ken Goldman, Eric S. Brown, Kevin L. Donihe, Jason Sizemore, Cody Goodfellow, Weston Ochse, Darrell Schweitzer, Tom Moran, Cathy Buburuz, Lee Clark Zumpe, Mark Justice, and Aurelio Rico Lopez.


You can check out past issues here:

Edited: This publication has now since gone defunct.  Sorry.