Jupiter SF #17, Callirrhoe… (now available!)

These last few weeks have been BIG for me with the whole slew of acceptances and all.  It is my pleasure to announce that I’m in Jupiter SF, Issue #17, Callirrhoe…now available…

Cover Art for Jupiter SF #17 by Jesse Speak; Edited by Ian Redman.


It’s truly a great cover, ain’t it?

Featuring my science fiction story, “A Soul to the Stars”.  This story is dedicated to my unborn son (if you happen to read the climax to it, you’ll get an idea why).  Ian Redman’s been putting this popular small press, hard sf publication together for over 4 years.  This is also my fourth appearance in the publication’s history (see June 2007 archive).  If you would like to order the magazine or learn more, go here: www.jupitersf.co.uk

Here are ALL covers for ALL issues featuring my stories (past and present):

jupiter12.jpg jupiter13.jpg

jupiter15.jpg carrlihoe.jpg

That URL for Jupiter SF again: www.jupitersf.co.uk

With that said, yep, it’s been a great few weeks.  Two appearances Tales of the Talisman, three appearances Aoife’s Kiss, appearances in The Martian Wave and The Fifth Di…, and stories of mine also coming soon to Written Word Online Magazine and Black Ink Horror.  Oh yeah, be sure to check out the plug for Escape Velocity and Whispers of Wickedness as well.  Simply scroll down, or check the June 2007 and July 2007 archives.

Until my next acceptance(s)… Yours Truly… ;)

Lawrence R. Dagstine