Down in the Cellar (Spring 2008; acceptance)

Paying Acceptance No. 275.  They just keep coming.  I’m still on the lifetime road to 300. I’ve netted $302.53 in writing checks, too, in two months.  Not bad for the small press.  I see they get a little higher and higher as time goes on.  But then that’s the road…

My 275th acceptance this weekend comes to Down in the Cellar for Spring 2008.  This will be my ‘second acceptance/appearance’ with this publication.  My first credit was with a semi-pro earning reprint of mine, called, “Thursday’s Children”.  Thursday’s Children is one of my more uneasier tales, which almost made the cut in Flesh & Blood.



Believe in yourself and you can do anything.  There is no excuse for weakness.  Confidence is what will help you persevere and destroy any competition that stands in your way.  😉

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