The Martian Wave… (another acceptance!)

Just recently had yet another acceptance to J. Alan Erwine’s online publication of Hard SF and poetry, THE MARTIAN WAVE.  They pay $10.00 per accepted story, and this would either be my third or fourth acceptance to them ever.  They accept traditional and soft SF forms, too, but you can probably make the sell if you have a well-written short involving the exploration of space and planets; after all, this is the theme of the publication.


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September to October have been two great months so far in the fiction debut and fiction acceptance department for me (basically, Autumn 2007).   Also, I have a lot more stories due out in print and online magazines between now and the early half of next year.  When I have some free time, I’ll compose a more comprehensive bibliography and publication history with dates, issues, magazine names and more, all leading up from Spring 1996 to the present!

So stay tuned.  The story to Martian Wave won’t appear until sometime in 2008.  Oh, and if you haven’t visited me on MySpace yet, perhaps now would be the right time… 😉

It’s amazing how, in just a matter of two-three days, I’ve made a ton of writer friends and, much to my surprise, four of whom I have shared the same Table of Contents with. 

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