Whispers of Wickedness #14 (Also, a plug!)

I would say a plug is in order for this wonderful, semi-annual small press magazine… filled with over 60 pages of incredible dark fiction and atmospheric art, as well as dark poetry & review columns, too.  Whispers of Wickedness.  They’re big in the UK (and overseas, for that matter), and they have some very talented authors who have appeared in many publications.   I appear in Issue #14 (Winter 2007), with a ghost story of sorts featuring a bludgeoned spirit and an old woman on SSI.  It’s called “A Spirit’s Best Friend”.  Also, stories from previous issues have been nominated for British Fantasy Awards.  Some of the ultra-talented writers at Whispers include: Peter Tennant, Dee, Steve Pirie, Barry J. House, Jim Steel, Greg Schwartz, Emma Lee, Alison Littlewood, Steve Redwood, Alexis Child, Rhys Hughes and illustrator Bob Veon.  And many more.  You can find Whispers of Wickedness at: http://www.ookami.co.uk/

Below you will find a sample issue cover, no. 14…featuring my short story, “A Spirit’s Best Friend.”


Whispers of Wickedness Homepage: http://www.ookami.co.uk/