The Ranfurly Review, March 2008… (appearances)

Been a while since my last update, but I have been away celebrating a birthday, spending some quality time with family, chopping away at a novella, and just started outlining new and different themes for what will eventually become new and exciting short stories. 

My latest appearance is a free short story, and it comes to an e-publication out of Scotland, edited by Colin Galbraith of the Scruffy Dog Review.  The Ranfurly Review is a non-profit zine, offers quite a bit of overseas exposure, and they have a diverse mix of fiction and poetry.  Some genre, some mainstream, and some experimental.  They’re published on a quarterly basis, and I’m in their second issue.  It’s a downloadable PDF, so why not check them out?

The Ranfurly Review; March 2008




Featuring Fiction & Poetry by: AEM, Lawrence Dagstine, Mark Dalligan, Megan Hall, Ken Head, Jim Murdoch, Christopher WiHard, D. Harlan Wilson, Keith Armstrong, Lydia Bagnall, Jonathan Hooley, Cynthia Ruth Lewis, Suchoon Mo, Christopher Major, and Christian Ward.



In other review-type news, my Whispers of Wickedness review for TTA Press’s premier horror and dark fiction magazine, Black Static #3, is now up in the Readings & Reviews section, and you can view the link either there or here: 


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