Midnight in Hell, September 2008… (acceptance)

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to snatch a banner, but I found a little pentagram on the web and replaced it with that instead.  However, I am VERY pleased to say that this is acceptance No. 300…  And it comes March 9th 2008 to a well-known horror webzine that first debuted in 1990, only as a small print magazine and, over the years, joined the Internet ranks and featured some 76 writers and stories.  My latest acceptance comes to… Midnight in Hell

Acceptance Number 300 coming Fall 2008:


Midnight in Hell:


Midnight in Hell has featured such writers as: Eric S. Brown, David Byron, Arianrh Darkwing, Christopher Allan Death, Brytan DiTolvo, Brandon Ford, Inanna Gabriel, Ken Goldman, Amy Grech, Sarah Jackson, Shaun Jeffrey, D.F. Lewis, Alison Littlewood, Paul McAvoy, Iain McLachlan, Rick McQuiston, Willie Meikle, David Nordahl, Nik Perring, Mike Philbin, David Price, James Riser, Deon C. Sanders, Tom Smith, Jim Steel, Paula Villegas, and John Walsh.

Also, please stay tuned to this blog over the next week or so.  I’ll have a special entry dedicated to my 300th acceptance, where I’ll talk about what I compare writing to, how I define it and feel about being an author, what it’s been like all these years for me and more… Hey, you might be surprised.

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