Down in the Cellar, Spring 2008… (appearances)

First, I know it’s a little late, but since it only comes once every four years: Happy Leap Year, everybody! Next, we begin the month of March 2008 with my latest appearance.  And that would be my second, in fact, to a horror webzine known for its chills and thrills:  Down in the Cellar.  Issue# 7.  Hey, you can’t go wrong with the selection of stories this quarterly webzine has to offer.  Movie and book reviews, too.

Down in the Cellar; Issue #7, Spring 2008



Featuring Fiction by: Dameion Becknell, Wendy Brewer & Matthew Warner, Jennifer Yaros, Matt Mitchell, Mark E. Deloy, Erik Williams, Edward R. Rosick, Edward M. Turner, John Peters, and… Lawrence R. Dagstine.  It’s a great issue indeed.

Other New Entries: “Magazine Credits”