Chilling Tales #1 – (premiere issue; coming soon)

This is either acceptance no. 267 or 268.  I’m looking for 300 and I want to finish my sci-fi and horror novellas before I take a short hiatus.  However, P.S. Gifford  and that wicked little garden gnome, Henrick Glutonlumps, bring you a new print horror magazine. This one’s been in the development stages for some time and it will feature big names in the field of dark fiction.  I’ll have a story in there, to boot.  😉

When it comes out for Halloween, three words: pick this up!

Glutonlump’s Chilling Tales Issue #1 (coming soon):

For more information about author P.S. Gifford:

I’ll post this again in about a month, and provide information on how you can order your copy.  Chilling Tales may very well be the future of small press horror magazines…

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