The Fifth Di… September 2007 Issue (appearances)

The September 2007 edition of The Fifth Di…(by Sam’s Dot Publishing) is up with a story I wrote some time ago.  I think in 2000 to be exact.  It’s an oldie, pulp SF to say the least.  I hope you enjoy it. 

Anyway, it’s called “The Butterfly Idealists”.



This edition has fiction & poetry by: Lawrence Dagstine, Robert E. Porter, John Bushore, Frederick Obermeyer, Richard Fay, Daniel C. Smith, Shome Dasgupte, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, P.A. Lamping, and M. Frost.

I’ll also be coming soon to the final issue of Sinister City (, and you can find the finalized cover for Route 66 in Magazine Credits 1 (just scroll down to the bottom).  The link  for there:

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